We spend most of our adult lives at work. The employment relationship can be challenging at times for employer and employee.

I can help you negotiate employment contracts, severance packages, non-compete agreements, buyouts, etc., and represent you in court and in administrative hearings.  Call me if you’ve been let go or think you might be, or if you quit or are even just contemplating quitting.

Employers, I can help you address employee complaints/lawsuits, and help structure your relationships to succeed.

I have a special focus on academia (professors, staff and other employees, students, researchers). I can help you with promotion and tenure issues, disciplinary hearings, lawsuits, etc.

Criminal Defense

It’s easier than you think for you, or your child, to get arrested and charged with a crime (DUI, vandalism, etc.). A conviction for even a minor crime can have devastating consequences. Contact me for vigorous representation.

Civil Rights

I’ve been an outspoken advocate for civil rights and liberties. I believe that our federal, state, and local governments should help us flourish — not impede us.  I take our constitution and our rights seriously, and our government should, too.


If you’ve been harmed, defrauded, or sued, or threatened with a suit, contact me.


If you have a dispute you want to resolve without expensive litigation, I can serve as mediator. Contact me.

For Lawyers: Brief Writing and Litigation Consulting

I’m an adjunct at Rutgers (Evidence) and have also taught Alternative Dispute Resolution, Business Associations, Civil Procedure, Criminal Law, Criminal Procedure, Criminal Procedure, Federal Courts, Property, Sentencing, and the following skills courses: Advanced Brief Writing (co-created), Critical Thinking and Creative Problem Solving for Lawyers (created), Legal Writing, Public Speaking for Lawyers (created).  I have co-created and taught skills CLEs in Brief Writing, Legal Storytelling, Negotiation, and Persuasion. I can help you deliver highly persuasive briefs, privately coach you in speaking and writing, and in presenting your case powerfully.