Brian J. Foley

I will talk about all sorts of things: law (I’m a law professor), politics (I’m a political writer who comes out mostly on the Left and as a freethinker), funny stuff (I’m a stand-up comedian and humor writer), money tips (with the caveat that you should not follow my advice) and my latest obsession, heating my home with wood. On my own blog I plan to think out loud. In my scholarly writing and my writing for sites over the past few years such as CounterPunch and Jurist, I have worked to put out crystallized arguments. In my humor writing and stand up, I have worked to put out polished, funny stuff. Here is where I allow myself to explore, to test things, to seek comments and input, and even to make mistakes. Not stupid mistakes, such as getting facts wrong or obviously fallacious reasoning. I plan to work hard to avoid such mistakes. But I might the sort of mistakes that come from limited perspective or ignorance or lack of understanding. Mostly, I hope this project is exploratory and illuminating to my readers and me, and I look forward to the exchange of ideas.